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Fujian Huabo Education Technology Co., Ltd. (formerly known as Fujian Huabo Information Technology Co., Ltd.), a professional online education technology, service provider and operator, offers advanced cloud-based online education overall solution, SaaS applications and operations services to institutional clients (government, industry executives, associations, enterprises, institutions, schools, training institutions, etc) and technical and service support to the whole process of online education B2B2C business. On November 12, 2014, Huabo was publicly listed for sale in the National Share Transfer System (New Third Board) for SMEs. Stock Code: 831 308.

As E-education Operation Service Center of Chinese Telecom, the company draws upon a strong network of China Telecom’s broadband and hardware resources with the emphasis on the professional and technical staff continuing education, professional certification training, in-house training, etc. Through the integrated business model of "Platform Development + Operation Services + Content Service", we help institutional clients quickly implement online education, thus making online education application easily accessible to institutional clients. Based on this model, the company provides institutional clients with online education cloud platform including server, bandwidth, application software, and operation and maintenance services, together with a one-stop full service of process-based training to institutional clients, including courseware, educational administrative assistance, learning customer service, payment settlement, and logistic distribution.

Cloud-based online educational public service platform is B2B2C educational product featuring multi-system, multi-user, wide distribution, and high load. In the platform, the company can quickly set up online training platform for institutional clients and provide personalized service, while institutional clients can provide B2C online education services based on the platform for their students. This platform can accommodate more than 1 million user requests. With software architecture being equal, additional servers and increased network bandwidth will bring about higher degree of concurrence and online numbers for high-stress, high-load online education applications.

Currently the company has provided online education and training services for 2.5 million users, 85 institutional clients, 16 industries covering construction, accounting, education, personnel, transportation, etc in Fujian, Henan, Anhui Provinces, etc. The company's clients include Fujian Construction Official Training Center, Fujian Accounting Association, Civil Service Training Center of Fujian Province, Fujian Workers’ Assessment Office, as well as Association for Continuing Engineering Education of Henan Province, Fujian Institute of Education, Fujian Local Taxation Bureau, and other provincial institutional clients. Each platform applies to over ten thousand people with a total of courseware lasting more than 5000 class periods. Our company has become one of the largest online educational service operation providers in Fujian Province and nationally recognized continuing education, vocational training, and online operation service provider.

The company is committed to providing and operating service through professional online education technology. With the philosophy of “Network Changes Education”, we make efforts to promote the development and prosperity of the digital education in information age so as to make a positive contribution to a new educational Internet industrial chain, modern education services and cloud computing development!