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Huabo Education will package the key elements (online training and management platform, hardware, network environment, courseware resources, operation services, etc.) of online training into an overall solution for government departments, industry executives, associations, continuing education bases, and other institutional clients to facilitate their continuing education, staff education and special trainings in various forms in a fast, efficient, safe, and risk-free manner.

【Clients That Adopt Our Solutions】

CPC and government agencies, continuing education base, industry executives, trade associations, industry, vocational training institutions.

【Problems to be Solved Regarding Online Training】

Online training (especially large-scale training) should include an overall online training solution that encompasses software, hardware, networking, courseware, and operation services. Online training, involved with many links and a long process, calls for a comprehensive, stable and secure online training platform based on information technology. Given limited budget, how to design, manufacture, or purchase high-quality online training courseware that meet the online training requirements? In the face of a new training approach backed by limited manpower, how can existing staff better develop more service categories and improve student satisfaction? Do we need to develop, operate and maintain the platform or purchase services according to our demand?
Our Solutions

We provide government and various organizations with online training business software and hardware, network environment and supporting operational services and content services so that their professional and technical personnel could carry out their continuing education, vocational training, cadre training, and special training. By means of SAAS model, institutional clients could gain fast access to its own, independent, professional, complete online training, service and management platform for the organization, implementation, evaluation and management of its training operations without private investment.

Self-owned Free Online Service Platform

Portal Administration SystemWe provide clients with all sorts of training information and inform training organizers of latest news based on our information portals that share our training and learning information.
Learning SystemWe offer online learning courses by making full use of our internet advantage without being restricted by time or place.
Teaching Administration SystemThe platform integrates teaching staff, courses, course instruction with teaching administration.
Resource Management SystemCourses refer to the learning resources in the training system, including the media, courseware, curriculum management, portfolio management and infrastructure distribution and management.
Operation Management SystemOperation management system includes online registration system (individual or collective enrollment, payment, and settlement), automatic administration for remote training fees, technical assistance and platform use, teaching materials, certificates and invoice delivery service, automatic generation and administration for the certificate holders.
Electronic Hours / Credits / Certificate Network Identification SystemThe platform enables integrated administration for the students’ learning hours and credits through network, face-to- face instruction, mixed model and other types of training methods. Competent administrators and trainees at all levels can be identified and validated through unified credit hours, and provides validation and checking of electronic hours /credits and various online certificates.
Personnel Management SystemPersonnel management system refers to the administration of learners and the staffs from legal bodies, teaching organizations, governing bodies and functioning bodies.
Teaching Staff Application SystemTeaching staff application system, administrated by training class personnel, is used by designated instructors, class directors, administrators and other relevant authority staffs.
System ManagementSystem management is the overall management of initial parameter setup, organizations and personnel information, work units, rights, log and the maintenance of system configuration data. It also includes business process configuration management, which ensures safe and stable operation of the whole system.
Mobile LearningIn addition to learning via traditional PC computer networks, we have also designed mobile learning system for clients, through which students log on the platform via mobile phones for learning, examination, course selection and other operations. The examination records on the mobile phones synchronize with those on the PC computers.

A Vast Number of Quality Courseware

Backed by a strong team of teachers, we design different training programs with perfect virtual classroom featuring professional, detailed lecture, well-designed online courses, and full video lectures according to the latest requirements of different industries at all levels. Currently we have developed 1376 quality courses lasting 8887 class periods and our courseware has covered over 10 fields, such as accounting, construction, education, human resources, taxation, public security, justice, statistics, health, quality supervision, transportation, etc.

One-stop Service

We provide one-stop service featuring online training overall solution for institutional clients, including:

Content Services

Employment of teachers, curriculum design, instructive video shooting, courseware design, and courseware purchase.
Our professional courseware production team has a perfect command of industry-leading streaming media technology, Flash techniques and animation technology. Moreover, our one-third screen, high-definition, interactive and animation courseware synchronizes PPT with video play, with smooth picture and good sound quality. Under any online circumstances, students can enjoy immersive teaching.

Operation Services

Operation Services cover total solution consultancy, registration payment service, invoice certificate printing service, textbooks subscription service, logistics and distribution services, student customer service, system operation and maintenance service, financial clearing and settlement service.

SaaS, Cooperation Model

Huabo Total Education Investment

Network hardware: servers, storage, firewalls, routers and other equipment and genuine operating systems, database software and other system software.

Network bandwidth: we offer IDC standard one exclusive 1G and one 100M bandwidth respectively and deploy network based on CDN (Content Delivery Network). The system can accommodate the annual training service needs of more than 1 million people to meet the needs of future business expansion.

Safety protection: the platform is deployed in the cloud computing center of telecom-grade IDC Room (5A Level), immune to attack, virus, intrusion, and illegal contents.

Application software: Huabo’s E-Learning software platform with independent IPR based on users’ needs includes educational management system, content and resource management system, operation management system, learning evaluation system, portal customization, secondary development, maintenance and upgrading.


General class courseware and content resources: years of rich experience in curriculum resources.

Industry-based course content: backed by our strong professional teaching team, our online training courses are well-designed and instructed based on the latest industrial development.

Customized course content: we provide teaching design and rapid courseware making training services to help customers develop their own online courses.


Planning of training system: we help the government and relevant industry training organizations design, establish and optimize the existing training system in a practical and effective manner that benefits all members of the organization based on our research into the government and industrial status quo, need, business and properties with reference to domestic and foreign outstanding experience.

Full service support: our customer service, technical support, courseware recording and production, educational administration, preparation of certificates, as well as payment management, operation and maintenance of the entire process services are based on well-established models. We are also in cooperation with numerous agencies with localized services.

Customized services: we offer personalized service platform, into which unique features and personalized content can be added, creating a unique learning style.

SaaS Renting Model Value

Comparative Item Sub-item Self-built Model SaaS Rental Model
Initial Stage Hardware Input The owner is responsible for the procurement of hardware equipment. The high cost shall be paid off at one time. Equipment hardware is provided by Huabo. The holder’s payment contains the rental fees of hardware.
Network Environment Input It is necessary to rent from telecom providers such as IDC. Given the relatively high price, it is also important to broaden the network bandwidth, a huge input. Huabo directly provides high-quality network bandwidth, server hosting, etc, and the service fees paid by the owners already includes the network bandwidth and other expenses.
R&D of Software System Platform It takes time to design, develop, debug, which involves risks of failure in development to a certain degree. The developed software system platform, put into wide use in various industries, stand the test and runs quickly.
Professional Staff It calls for professional software designers, managers and customer service staff who are very familiar with training operations and customer service. As provider of professional software and training education service, we have accumulated wide experience in tackling relevant issues in service operation and maintenance.
Operation and Maintenance Courseware Fees Due to the relatively small scale of training in our unit, the cost per teacher will run slightly higher. Edition and production of the courseware is difficult and costly. Based on the training scale of each unit, the instructional cost per capita runs slightly low. Our team is expert in making professional and diversified courseware.
System Maintenance It calls for experts to maintain the system with annual payment on systemic administration and maintenance. Huabo undertakes most of the service and maintenance, so the owners do not need to hire experts in that field.
System Upgrading It calls for professional researcher to update, redevelop and expand the system. If hardware equipment gets old, it needs re-purchase or expansion. Huabo undertakes expansion and updating with brand new hardware and software systems.
Personnel The owners have a big workload, as they need to help correspondents cope with problems of the trainees. Huabo undertakes payment, customer service, courseware recording, statistics, as well as preparation of certificates, reports, statistics, printing, technical support, and other professional service operations.
Quality of Service The owners need to work overtime should there by any questions from trainees at off-duty hours. We have professional client service team to respond to the calls within 7*24 hours, with major questions solved within 24 hours.
Convenience It can only be learnt in the work unit, a great disturbance to usual work. Convenient, as it can be learnt anytime, anywhere.
Time Needed It is likely to repeat the process due to man-made reasons, resulting in a waste of time and labor. All the processes, previously designed in software in accordance with the owners’ need, are strictly operated with the flow of processing.
Cost of Operation After the owners have built their hardware and software systems, they must pay hosting, bandwidth and service fees (lack of bandwidth in intranet). All services, maintenance, hosting and bandwidth costs are included in the fixed service fees. Huabo provides unlimited bandwidth according to the actual needs.
Risk Risks Involved The big initial investment, software re-development, lack of intranet bandwidth, escalating input may lead to failure and high risk. No initial investment and the service fees are paid according to the project with no investment risk. Three-year fees cost less than half of that of self building.
Systemic Risks System is built from scratch, with certain risks involved in time and maturity. Low risk in project, as is customized based on the existing mature system, subject to the test of numerous users and concurrent large-capacity.
Upgrading and Risk Transfer The owners undertake hardware, software and network updating and upgrading. In the future they may also incur the cost of adopting new training system when the old system gets replaced. Huabo is responsible for continued free upgrading and maintenance of hardware and software, with data conveniently transferred to other future education training platform and minimal risk involved.

Enterprise E-Learning solutions are intended as overall development program for corporate internal training, channels, customers and other knowledge management, learning and training, the personnel evaluation, interaction, qualification certifications, which help companies quickly build integrated, comprehensive online learning platforms, channel college and customer network college to make the enterprises more organized, learning-oriented, service-oriented, and finally more competitive.

【Clients That Have Adopted Our Solutions】

Businesses, organizations and institutions (in-house training), service-oriented government departments, industry associations.

【Problems to Be Solved Regarding Online Training】

Can Online Corporate University provide sufficient functions to meet the training requirements of enterprises in various forms? Can Online Corporate University enterprises in building unique corporate knowledge system safely? Can Online Corporate University make courseware content that meets the different requirements of corporate staff at all positions with constant update? Can Online Corporate University have scientific and objective training and evaluation system as well as timely and accurate surveillance system? Can Online Corporate University provide online-and-offline value-added services concerning personnel evaluation, job evaluation, and human resource consultancy?
Our Solutions

Huabo Online Corporate University cloud platform, with online-and-offline corporate training services, enables enterprises to build their own online university in a cost-effective and safe manner, thus enhancing their core competitiveness. In response to job descriptions of various industries, Huabo Education develops corresponding courses based on a comprehensive evaluation of the employees’ competence so as to help them better meet the job requirements and enables companies to recognize and utilize talents faster and better.

Independent, Secure and Flexible Cloud Platform

Rich in Quality Courseware Resources

Huabo education provides more than 260 job programs that encompass over 1680 quality courses over more than 24 class categories that highlight Job - Ability - Skill - Course - Knowledge in the R&D development of models. Meanwhile, businesses can upload their own training resources onto the platform, creating a strong Private Plus Public training resource pool.

Administration and Evaluation

Online Corporate University is an online training service platform, easy to manage and effective in evaluation. Administrators can be informed of the training process on a real-time basis in terms of each employee, while the platform provides assessment tools. By means of scientific and professional algorithm, a chart will present the post-training capability improvement of each employee.

Comprehensive Services

In addition to the instruction of various courses, Online Corporate University also offers professional MBTI testing services to help companies and employees fully understand the employee's professional character to better map out career development. At the same time, we provide enterprises with most up-to-late courses and solutions. Enterprises can choose targeted training courses and solutions in line with their status quo; we also provide offline ability diagnose featuring O2O model to help employees better accept training knowledge.

Multi-terminals for Learning at Anytime, Anywhere

With a stable learning platform, HD screen can support multi-terminal playback and synchronize multi-terminal credits with learning progress while efficiently utilizing students’ fragmented time.

Our Service

1. Building a free online corporate university cloud platform with daily operation and maintenance services.
2. Providing consulting service to enhance the working ability.
3. Providing self-assessment service for both old and new staffs.
4. Providing quality lecturers and professional offline diagnosis, counseling, and consultation service.
5. Providing service in courseware production.

【Our Advantages】

Our solutions for training institutions offer SaaS services featuring online plus offline education models for training institutions, teachers and other specialists so that training institutions could have easy access to a personalized independent portal platform and LMS learning and training platform which promotes their brands, programs, teaching management, student management, operation management more efficiently, thus expanding and better serving our customers.

Solution Service Target: training institutions, trainers

【Problems to be Solved in Online Education】

1. How to meet a variety of forms in learning?
2. How to meet the individual learning needs?
3. How to meet the e-requirements of various online and offline service?
4. How to meet the e-requirements of teaching management and personnel management?
5. How to meet the individual requirements of online school operation?

Huabo education's training institutions solutions provide training institutions and trainers with independent portal and LMS learning and training platform, as well as comprehensive courseware uploading system where video, audio, and documents can be uploaded directly as online courses. We also provide multi-dimensional student management, class management, statistical analysis and a complete set of online operation solutions including registration and fees settlement, together with a channel administration solution. The solution provides a variety of online plus offline SaaS service program that will best meet the training business and operational service requirements by training institutions and trainers.