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Zero Investment

Without any investment, users are endowed with authorship, using and administrative rights over personalized remote training network platform that meets their training needs. The self-built platform calls for investment project, need analysis, project bidding, project development, platform maintenance and a series of inputs, as a large integrated platform is worth at least tens of millions in investment. Afterwards continued spending will be incurred in the platform functional upgrades, daily server bandwidth input, technical maintenance, etc.

Zero Maintenance

Huabo undertakes free daily technical support platform, operation and maintenance, software upgrades, network security, data backup, information security and other services to eliminate the customers' daily ongoing maintenance costs and worries.

Integration and Application

One-stop Training for the Whole Process of Services


IDC Room (5A-level) guarantees the stability and security of the platform that protects itself from attack, virus, intrusion, and illegal contents.

Online Learning and Exams are Supported on a Large-scale Basis

With clustered hosting platform, bandwidth, distributed streaming media system, we provide unlimited amounts of bandwidth to support hundreds of thousands of users’ online learning and examination to going on smoothly. The platform serves at least 10 million people annually.

Independent and Transparent Tegistration Payment and Settlement Systems

With the support of online and offline payment model, offline payment (through transfer or cash), online payment (online banking, third-party payment, learning cards), telecommunications payments (fixed line, broadband, PHS). Online banking payment is compatible with more than 30 banks. We boast leading application experience, professional service team, and low-price service.