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Free Cloud Platform

We design for you a unique internet training management platform based on advanced, mature cloud technology education, dedicated to training, management and communication and advanced in technology against false science.

One-stop Service

Our one-stop training services include enrollment, payment, study, test, courseware, educational administration, customer service, certificate printing, financial settlement, logistics, etc.

High-quality Content

Our electronic course and exam samples are in congruence with annual continuing education training. We also offer corporate training courses instructed industry experts. We invite senior lecturers from top 500 companies as coaches for 1680 job training programs so that non-professional staffs could deliver satisfactory performance after learning.

SaaS(Software-as-a-Service)· Cooperative Mode

Huabo Education offers customized and rental services of integrated cloud education SaaS platform that encompass servers, bandwidth, applications and services for all types of education and training institutions of party and government organs, institutions, schools, military, and business organs. Users have quick access to their own professional training, teaching, and service platforms without any investment. We offer users "one-stop" services covering full business training, including courseware, platform and its operation and maintenance, security, disaster recovery, teaching administration assistance, learning customer service, payment settlement, logistics, mobile learning applications.

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